Where does it all end?

Some says on Death,Some on Hell.Many hope it to end on Heaven but its too difficult to sound good, admist of all the individual karmas.

But the main point to link up in here is why end? why we people don’t focus on our Present,and run it on to our merry end?!Working like a dog,scrapping relationship,crying over attention,living it for the sake of just living it,Where will this rat race end?And we are working it off to reach to the result which is all about “THE END”.

Is Future so important that inspite of knowing the diminished result we still seek on to destroying our souls.WHY is what I want to know?

Some argue about giving it their best,but to what?”The end”.
Some console themselves for securing the time being,but who can predict an actual future?God.Everybody’s seeking him.Still,all blur.
I dont know where the end lies but I hope to end my thoughts on expecting from you guys to make me more aware.