My Afternoon :)

Peace governs the Lane,
Down the sparkling roses,
The tinkle of the shimmering bright leaves,
reunifying your soul with Silence 
And Nature kindles back the memory.
Pass the memory line,
Hoping the winds to bring the time back,
Or fill it will exclusive reminiscence.
The best time of day is here,
When Scorching sun empowered the sky,
When the day has lost its freshness ,
But nothing can compare this serene beauty.
It’s the beauty that emerges in its own way,
The birds chirps in their own nests,
Playing with the loved ones.
Where children enjoy their freedom and all their dirty works,
When everybody rests to draw the tiredness away.
With afternoon being my time,
I wish to compose the rhyme,
All these growing years,
And Never to let this afternoon swung byImage

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