Mumbai Getaway !

A well utilized weekend in the city that never sleeps. Yes it’s there is India too: D .Young people’s fantasy, The Mumbai.



Day 1:

Our gang (of 9 people) decided to start our trip early morning and ended on  the early Rajdhani at 4:30 am .

Half asleep we were but our excitement lurched into full-fledged laughter gang.

The first thing we did reaching Mumbai was to get blessings at Siddhivinayak Temple.

Unlike any other highly famous temples in India , we were not the part of huge queues and got the chance to see Ganesh Jee as early as possible.

We came across the delightful story , where Nandi  hears our silent prayers  when murmured in his ears.

For our afternoon snacks we went to Matunga which I heard is famous for its South Indian Food.The place was situated next to Welingkars .

After a blissful start we went to our Happy house.Yes,this was the name of the building where we stayed at Prabhadevi.It was a luxurious empty place of one of our friend’s relative.

Our second destination of the day was Pheonix Mall,Lower Parel.The brands were so amazing that  the thought of taking that floated.Zara,Gucci,Armani,Mango,Chanel everything was loaded. We heard the place conducts fashion shows/shoot movies late night  too .       Image.Image


For amazing food don’t miss TGIF 🙂



On the top floor of Palladium we have Canvas Laugh Factory,that conducts all the amazing comedy shows. Last  time I came all the way to Mumbai to catch a glimpse of A.I.B at CLF.They are so cool .This time we bought the tickets for “Scam bam! Thank you Mam” with Shweta Gulati,Nehaa Mishra,Rahul Antani and Vaquar Sheikh.



We enjoyed the show as it was loaded with amazing sense of humor on Scams held in India.After the show,we met the stars and requested them to conduct their shows in Baroda,Gujarat .They doubted whether audience will show up to such sense of humor there.With this assurance,we took their number and appealed to organize that for them.


After such fasinating interactions we went to our Happy House to dress up for Mumbai’s Night Life.Our Next destination was The Irish House near Palladium.Loud music every where,lights dawned on people,big fat screen displayed football,colourful drinks,mocktails/cocktails everywhere,people chating in mist of the loud music, some humming the music ,some dancing to the tone,
carefree attitude surrounded us.Music and drinks made us floated all long .


Our cabs made our way to Bademiyan having deliciously made wraps.Soon entering Happy house, all our tiredness turned out on laughter cracky Jokes. My whole Mumbai trip was dedicated to Mr. Yo Yo Honey singh’s track “Char bottle votka”. We made so many tracks on the same tone that I guess Honey Singh have never dreamed off.I would love to share one of them here(Tracking down my memories )

“Jack and Jill went up the hill,

Char bottle Vodka,

Aaju Baaju mat dekh I love you bol daal.”.


“Balam Pichkari jo tune mujhe maari

Toh something something bole to kuch kuch hota hai”

-Courtesy Mr.Pankaj Kapoor

I know you found  it crazy. But nevermind,our trip and we are crazy too.(Hope PK,doesn’t kill me on this 🙂 ).

We laughted till 4:30-5 am and didn’t knew where the night went 🙂


Day 2:

As per our plan we had to visit Hera-Pana .But unfortunately got a call stating it was closed . God had some other plans. We started our day with Mumbai’s famous Vada Pav( Hot Yummy !) and made our way to Alfa.With some shopping bags we ended up in Candies. No matter how many times I go there, I still love that place, colorful castle, you don’t know where it ends and what’s round the corner.


Took a little glimpse of Linking we went straight away to Bandstand.Obviously no matter  how many friends you go to Mumbai with, you ought to find one SRK fan in them. So there was no point missing on  Mannat .We paid no indifferences and watched  Galaxy too on ur way back.

With hot cups of tea,cool breeze and dancing fire near all the corn vendors, we were in midst of our thoughts and laughs. We had a great relaxing time there. 🙂


We set to catch our train back to our Hometown after dinner at Lucky’s. As decided to end up as a group we bought 9 Superman t-shirts and made way to our coach.


The trip was splendid and so are we.

P.S. There are still places left to visit here in Mumbai. Hopefully,there is always a next time 🙂

Note: Many may consider it was not a trip to jot down on. But to my concern I want to preserve the memory and so here it is,MY MEMORY !

This was not my first visit to Mumbai and nevertheless not the last one either. I will LOVE this city as ever as always 🙂


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