Voting adverts :)

Hi, to progress this in one very go I am here to bring about what happened today, not just today but couple of days back too. Any guesses? Yes, you are absolutely right if you thought so. Everyone(Mostly, I assume) VOTED 🙂

                 I assume everyone to be in the charm of choosing the government. If we are cussing the way we survive today, we surely should stand and fight them. Happily, our so called democratic country provide us with this option to expurgate the unlikeness of our living.

                Hereby, I agog to be a part of this process, “THE VOTING”. Among all the viral slang’s like

“Abki baar Modi Sarkar”,”Har haath Shakti,har haath tarakee”

the passion automatically doubles. Where every timeline is full with amazing jingles and selfies,I couldn’t resist but wonder ,that there is at least something each and every citizen agrees on,the point to cast their votes.Moreover,this political fight made me appreciate everybody’s sense of humor so much 🙂 (You are not allowed to flaunt the objects related to election campaign within 48 hours of the vote casting/not be in 100 meters of the polling booth and campaign .In response to that the spokesperson says:”What if within the same range someone is cleaning the road with a broom.Will that violate the act too?”)



In spite this,along the way I met some  interesting lads which presented such a quaint view about making an effort to go along the procedure of voting.

An acquaintance blabbered about her whole trip to Maharashtra and the areas the State touched. When asked about the views on going to vote,she opined as “Agar itna shauk vote daalne ka toh ,do pen yahi ink laga deti hu”(If you like voting so much,I will inked you here itself).Another didn’t made an effort to change their work location and complaint to travel this long for just one VOTE . Laziness stuck and our leaders lost one more precious vote.Listening to more such of non-regrettable comments, I was amazed with the kind of youth the country is dependent on.God Bless them!

Secondly,Some people find not voting a cool act.They think nobody deserves to be a Prime Minister. May be,But I am not here to judge any body’s future nor I hope anybody does mine.

On a very positive note,it is better to be get ruled by our democratically chosen candidate than to allow a British rule you. If they are the PM Candidate,they are up for a reason.Help them run the country,be a part. Neglecting the problems never made growth,handling them well certainly will.

Still,two phases of voting remains.I hope people will not disappoint themselves and their country 🙂

Happy Voting 🙂



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