Rejection !!

The word so prolonged that each character needs a push to gulp the real feel.
A rejected college application,a rejection faced by a loved one,a direct ‘No’ to a long fantasy vacation you always dreamed of,a disapproval on the dress that hanged right there at the nook of your eye prompting you to buy/wear it, devastation on out of budget home plans or a rejection from a wanted situation.
Rejection, whatsoever the source may be, from a loved one or anyone takes a little part of you. And you can never be the same again.Rejection or let’s call it Mr. R.(Sounds better).As people say, Mr R. may visit your home/life for your betterment or for being bad to you so that you appreciate the good things in life. But how does Mr. R helps you make better choices.Either you start to doubt yourself or you start self do you decide? Mr. R needs to get a prototype where people learn from their mistakes.But is Rejection a mistake?
You learn from your mistakes , what do you learn from Rejection? Motivators say “Everything in life comes with a lesson”,here I hope to understand this one.People say learn to say ‘NO’,its not a bad word.It ,may be,is a useful word. Use in a context that it may not harm you as well as others. People are not bad but are socially disturbed.Everyone is running their own race and apparently all stand FIRST in their respective stories.
People will tell you to shoo the feeling away, but I suggest don’t ever do that.If you invest in something,harvest that.If you invested your hopes on that pink dress,buy yourself that 😉 .You will thank yourself one day.Never cast away your feelings,that’s the reality that stick to you when every situation changes.
“Feelings are the real YOU.Never let yourself die.”
Talking about Rejection,it leaves you with tremendous questions on yourself/the other person/the other situations/unconscious thoughts/the cruel reality/Hope’s Beauty/the charm of dreams/the smile/the sadness and apparently the changed you. Rejection is not a baggage or a scar. It’s the part of you that just left.

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