“India’s Daughter”, Where is the daughter? : My Stand

Nirbhaya , a name which reminds you of that night .That brutal night when you were, may be ,watching T.V. , out for dinner,  playing, studying or sleeping when somewhere this hideous act was taking place. It didn’t just end a life ,it burnt many hearts too. The whole country emerged to be with her, the being who was not just raped but was brutally assaulted and thrown out of the bus.


When today after these many years, an English writer went too far and made a documentary on ‘Nirbhaya’,a girl who fought so hard ,first with those so called humans who raped her and then with her own Life. Our Leaders are seeking every possible way to BAN the documentary here.Why?Because it contains interview of the rapist/ the rapist thoughts  so people’s thought will be spoiled if they watch this. Hence, more such acts can take place. Our government wants to ban “India’s Daughter”, the documentary been made by Leslee Udwin on the terms that how can a film maker manage to shoot in a prison, who allowed her to do that? Opposition demanded strict action against the officials who allowed her.

On the other hand we have people like Meenakshi Lekhi who wanted to ban India’s Daughter on the grounds that it may affect Tourism and Ambika Soni who was upset that it was being shoot by a foreign journalist and then we thankfully have people like Javed Akhtar and Kirron Kher who wants people to watch the documentary which can reveal how many men think like Nirbhaya’s rapist so that we can treat them right.


Where the rapist can have the guts to say Girls are more responsible for rapes than boys,Girls should not roam around after 7pm and define what a girl should wear , why cannot we emerge out. We should moreover help people change their mindset or why let people have this mindset .Not just this case there are many more people like Mukesh Singh ( a proud rapist in this case) who is still not guilty of what he did to a life (or may be many more too).We had juvenile care taker centres, I say we don’t just need Juvenile care centres we need to make people/children centre’s too so as to educate them from the very start.We should go to the grass root level and fight for it.

Banning a documentary won’t reduce rape. While writing this , I came across today’s incident  where a teen aged girl commits suicide after gang raped in Haryana. We have sessions and awareness classes for women to save themselves from these acts , to be aware/cautioned but with these there should be mandatory sessions for boys.Moreover,it should be observed that how a guy reacts to these sessions. I urge all the NGOs/session conductors/MNC’s which supports women’s safety to please conduct classes for Boys/Men so that they are aware that what/How a girl gets through the act and educate them on these concerns.

Banning the documentary is not the solution.

Its not our shame, its your shame. (Line Courtesy :Shenaz Treasurywala).  



2 thoughts on ““India’s Daughter”, Where is the daughter? : My Stand

  1. Pavani Ganti says:

    Hi Keertika,

    Good post.

    Its been close to 3 years now since the incident took place, but every time I read or hear about it, I am filled with violent uncontrollable anger with the same intensity each time.

    Coming to changing these people(s) mind set that you have mentioned in the post, Firstly, I don’t think they have mind/brain, whatever you call it. Which makes them equivalent to animals.

    Secondly, These people are worse, they are worse than animals. Even animals wouldn’t attack their prey as brutally as these people did to that girl.

    I don’t know why am I addressing them as ‘people’.

    PS – Regressive attitude towards women in our society.

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