Tug of war between Satisfaction and Happiness

A week ago, we friends were talking about being satisfied and being happy at work.Firstly it is not just at work,its everywhere.According to me,Satisfaction as well as happiness go hand in hand in some ,where as, it differs in some genres.For example if you were very hungry and got totally lucky to have been served with delicious food. Tcha. You are happy as well as satisfied .

Customer satisfaction survey on a sky background

I would say you can be happy if you are satisfied but you cannot always be satisfied when you are happy.For example a poor man can be happy despite his needs are not fulfilled.Happiness is an emotion.It is a state of bliss. Satisfaction is state of no more wanting/content.It is sufficient and adequate.

Here is what I read when I was case studying this:Suppose at the age of 22 , you ask me about how satisfied I am with my life? I may answer that I am done with my school and college life but there is more to what I seek. I want a job,get married etc. Hence there is more to my satisfaction.If you ask me the same question a day before,I may reply the same.I still have more that i want to do.And about being Happy?I certainly am. It is better explained as comparing Satisfaction by asking have you finished your ice cream scoop? where as happiness with how your ice cream tasted.But there is no boundaries on how delicious the ice cream can be.


Some people say don’t be satisfied where you are instead be happy where ever you are.I will add you can never be satisfied where you are but you can certainly be happy.Happiness has the amazing charm to be self acquired.Happiness can be generated through Gratitude and doing something good for others as well yourself.

Happiness is something to maintain and enjoy whereas Satisfaction is something to strive for.We can certainly be happy in the moment and expect more to come 🙂happiness-is

I would suggest you to think about it and define your own rate of happiness and Satisfaction.But whatever the outcome might be,don’t forget to smile/laugh,you can instantly generate happiness(and can think of the satisfaction later 😉 )awesome-cute-happiness-love-Favim.com-642466



Anne Frank:The Diary of a Young Girl – Book Review

“Anne Frank”,the name too famous to ever forget.I know most of you might have read the book and is quite aware of the story and the impact it made,but this blog is for the late bloomers like me who got to know about Anne Frank from Fault in the stars(Here : http://variety.com/2014/film/news/how-the-fault-in-our-stars-recreated-the-anne-frank-house-1201214609/) .Strange.But its never too late.I was too interested to know the young lady,Anne Frank and hence the book made its place in my library 🙂


The book depicts the original story written by Anne Frank in Dutch version and was first published in English in 1952 and thereby converted in many languages.The Diary was previously given to Anne Frank on her thirteenth birthday which contains all the chronicles of her life during the German Occupation of the Netherlands in World War II written by her.


The Frank family moved from German to Amsterdam in 1933,the year Nazis gained control over Germany.By May 1940,they were trapped in Amsterdam by German Occupation of Netherlands.As the prosecution of Jewish people had increased, the Frank family as well as his business partner, Hermann van Pels’s Family, and his teenage son,Peter moved into hiding.After two years the group was caught and were transferred into concentration camps.Anne Frank and her sister, Margot Frank, were eventually transferred to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they died (probably of typhus) in February or March 1945.The only survivor was Otto Frank,Anne Frank’s Father collected all the papers and his daughter’s diary. He accomplished Anne’s dream to be a famous writer and to let people know what it is like to be suffered with discrimination.af105c11e1c0f0014335c067e8e5360a

My Review :

This is a must read book.She depicted her thoughts on being a women,positivity during the hiding , the sufferings and the understanding.The Diary is written in a special way where she assumes it to be her friend named Kitty.She starts it with the most promising line “Paper is more patient than people”.Her thoughts are so liberative that they are even included in academics.Some of her lines :

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”
– Anne Frank

anne-frank-1 images (1) images

After the Bible,The Diary of a young girl is the most widely read books in the world.One and a half children were murdered in the genocide the Nazis called “Final Solution”.

“I don’t want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death!” – Anne Frank

anne-frank-quote3 images (1) images

And she did and is still alive in our hearts through her diary.

I would recommend people to read this book.If anyone wants to read the book,lend it from me for a day or two and for people who find it difficult to deal with all the word stuff , here it is for you,Anne Frank’s Story : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c25oZQrnXwc.I almost cried after watching the video.The story will totally move you.

P.S. Anne’s Diary is one of the examples which depicts the importance of writing.Writing make you live after your death.

Interesting Parts: Look at the graphic version of the book here :http://deconstructingcomics.com/?p=1171

anne-frank-comic-book-2 Literally_1

Do share your reviews 🙂

Aruna Shanbaug: A Living Death

Aruna Shanbaug, a teenage girl working at King Edward Memorial HospitalParelMumbai about to get married to a doctor ,Mr.Sundeep Sardesai was in news for quite a time. The lady whose life was devastated on 27 November, 1973 by a tormenter who was none other than the hospital’s ward boy,  Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki. He brutally raped her, choked with a dog chain and left her in vegetative state for 37 years.Her oxygen supply to the brain was cut off.Walmiki stole all the jewelry and fled away.

There is more to this lady’s suffering than this,the man who raped her was convicted soon after 7 years. He was not charged under rape, sexual molestation, or unnatural sexual offence but was caught and convicted for only assault and robbery. The hospital itself was responsible for the charge as its given by the Dean of KEM,late Dr. Deshpande,presumably to avoid the social rejection which might break her impending marriage. The culprit after completing his term has changed his name and is working as a ward boy in some other hospital whereas for Aruna Shanbaug,her poverty-striken family abandoned her.


Amid all this, the Journalist and human-rights activist Pinki Virani has since tried to track down Sohanlal .After seeing her dreadful condition Pinki Virani filed a petition in behalf of Aruna Shanbaug to legalize passive euthanasia in India with argue on “continued existence of Aruna is in violation of her right to live in dignity”.The court rejected her plea on the claims that Ms Virani is to be the next friend of Aruna Shanbaug and has filed this petition on her behalf is not a relative of Aruna Shanbaug nor can she claim to have such close emotional bonding with her as the KEM hospital staff.The plea rejection made the KEM nurses happy as they were looking after the dead soul for so many years and treating like their own family. However, in its landmark opinion, it allowed passive euthanasia in India.

Aruna’s fiancé waiting along her bedside for 4 long years finally gave up under family pressure and got married. He hugged her tight and finally bid goodbye before his marriage.

Meanwhile days went by, staff changed but the lady stuck in room number 4 unaware of the people around, lies isolated at the corner. She grew old, her teeth decayed, unable to move in her permanent Vegetative state; she was just living death there. Finally on 18th May 2015 she was diagnosed with pneumonia and couldn’t survive.

After her death, some nurses wished her room to be a memorial for Aruna. The hospitals are yet to take the final decision on it but for the time being there hung a photo of Aruna Shanbaug thus to remind anyone of what kind of soul was she.

The only person who lost the whole case was Aruna Shanbaug.What did she do? Nothing. Why did it happen to her? No answer. What did she got?Pain.Death. Whenever I think about the dreadful soul the questions just pops out, like, was she able to feel anything? Was she able to digest what happened to her? How did she take her family boycotting her for nothing done from her side? Was she able to accept her fate? Was she even living? She was just breathing. Who will be answering this to her? Who is responsible for her condition?

If ever we could find out, we can liberate a soul. We can release the pain generated when we hear her story .For she was a soul just like you and me 🙂


RIP Aruna Shanbaug.

Fascinating Shoe Facts-Part 1

This is not an opinion blog rather a fact one. As the title suggest we will talk about Shoes.So here we go 😀

Shoe History:

  1. The first shoes were worn 4000 years ago and were made of a single piece of rawhide that enveloped the foot for both warmth and protection.
  2. The first lady’s boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840.
  3. Sneakers were first made in America in 1916. They were originally called keds.
  4. The boots Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in are still floating around in space.history

Shoe Types:

Type of shoes a woman needs in her closet:

Pumps: These are shoes where the foot is supported all around the shoe front, back and on both sides and can have an ankle strap. The sole is a one piece type with a heel of any size with a high heel pump often called a stiletto.They can pull any outfit and add instant sophistication.

pumps pump

Open toe shoe – This is basically a pump shoe as described above where the front is cut away to expose all of the toes. When this is done to only expose the big toe or middle toes using a smaller cutaway it would be referred to as a peep hole shoe.

open toe KPHL01201b

Wedge Shoe – This is any type of heeled footwear where the there is no gap below the sole meaning the full length of the base of the shoe makes contact with the ground.

1ObtNd6OyWnx images

Mule Shoes – This type of shoe is one which has a heel but has no support around the ankle and rear of the shoe or another way to describe it is as a heeled flip flop. These can be completely closed at the front or cut away as an open toe or peep hole shoe.

Gianvito-Rossi-Virtua-Mule-Pump-Emma-Watson img-thing

Mary Jane Shoes – This can be a flat or heeled shoe which like a pump encloses the foot all the way around it. The front of this shoe will be square or very slightly rounded with a cross strap running across the foot central between the ankle and toes.

images (1) 19.-feb-2012-lana-del-rey-officesized

Ballet Flats:A quintessential run-around shoe.

download Rosie+Huntington+Whiteley+Flats+Ballet+Flats+dHhN78FbDj9l

Boots – These are shoes which completely enclose the foot and can come in flat, wedge and heeled styles.unnamed-107 boots-2012_edited-2-585x3971

Types of Boots:

Ankle high boot which reaches just above the ankle


Knee high boot which stops just before reaching the knee

Aishwarya Gucci Longines-001.preview

Thigh high which covers the leg all the way to the thigh.


Crotch boots which reach all the way up the leg to the crotch

Chap boot which is a modified crotch boot which has a piece of material which reaches over the hips and secured around the waist with a belt.

Sandals – These are where the sole of shoe can be flat, wedged or heeled and the upper part is made up of straps which can be arranged in any form to secure the shoe

.Jennifer-Aniston-walked-red-carpet-solo-event-Elle catwalk-red-women-sandals-8440e (1)

D’Orsay Shoes – This is a shoe which has no sides but has a support at the heel area and the toes are covered this can be with or without an ankle strap

.StyleSteals_ShoeRepublicLABlandon Rebecca_Minkoff_Selina_dOrsay_Pumps

Platform Shoes – this is a shoe which has a multiple layered sole to elevate the wearer.

eva-longoria-sky-high-heels-for-new-project Free-shipping-chunky-high-heels-fashion-rivets-ankle-boots-for-women-platform-shoes-woman-punk-booties

Type of Shoes a man needs in his closet:

Chukkas: Tremendous shoes for a date or hitting happy hour on a Friday and Saturday night, and a professional 9-to-5 cubicle job.

.Zac-Efron-Chukka-Boots 189246400779787821_39f3e97263db

Loafers:For an office jockey who needs semi-formal outfits at work.

article-2337443-1A32FCBD000005DC-842_306x540 Louis-Vuitton-Loafers-For-Men-2013-New-Grey-Black-LS-066-946_0

Work boots: These shoes can a.) can rough up and get as dirty as possible without giving a shit, and b.) can drop something heavy on your toe without fracturing any bones.

redwing best-work-boots_3150351k

Dress boots:These shoes every man needs will last longer than most relationships.

8ca64cf553e5412fda86b41942154d2c rbcb2-tm2

Duck boots:Water-proof rubber boots is a necessity in a man’s closet.

Rihanna-and-Kane-West 744c5a87295ced841eb32d79a085ba9b

Gym sneakers:A sporty shoes.

external-110551ad9ecb4e17ee927df50fb4b556 article-0-19DBC5CD000005DC-181_306x717

Casual street sneakers: Sturdy, reliable, comfortable.A day to day routine shoes.1Pair-Men-Shoes-Autumn-Winter-Warm-High-Men-s-Casual-Canvas-Shoes-Fashion-Boots-Street-Sneakers 0681f61b66e689ee956e26e00f685d67

Flip-flops:This doesnt need any explanation.Till today I haven’t met a single guy who doest own this one.

b150e4908311829f4c824c91d1ead2e3 adidas-adi-rio-khaki-men-flip-flops

Chaco/Tevas/Keens/Birkenstocks: And here presenting the Summer Shoe, as what I like calling it 😀

photo-1-e1402333679622-375x500 keen-omnium-mens-sandals

Boatshoes:This is the best combination of leather without socks.

timberland-boat-shoes-for-men-e1321781912945 article-2580874-1C47431C00000578-884_634x903

Black leather dress shoes: For Attending weddings, funerals, achievement banquets, and retirement dinners this is the shoe which will give you the formal look.

black-cow-leather-men-s-elevator-dress-shoes-for-height-103-5 464169714

Just have a pair of black shoes, man. It’s a requisite for… Life.

Shoes as symbols

  • In Biblical times a sandal was given as a sign of an oath.
  • In the Middle Ages a father passed his authority over his daughter to her husband in a shoe ceremony. At the wedding, the groom handed the bride a shoe, which she put on to show she was then his subject.
  • Today in U.S. shoes are tied to the bumper of the bridal couple’s car. This is a reminder of the days when a father gave the groom one of his daughter’s shoes asthe a symbol of a changing caretaker.
  • In China one of the bride’s red shoes is tossed from the roof to ensure happiness for the bridal couple.
  • In Hungary the groom drinks a toast to his bride out of her wedding slipper.

Other Facts:

  1. Men were the first people to wear heels. In the 10th century, men who rode horses needed their boots to have heels in order to stay in their stirrups.
  2. The red sole on Louboutins are inspired by an Andy Warhol drawing.Louboutin_altadama140
  3. Audrey Hepburn could be credited with bringing loafers into style.0612-instant-classic-loafer-25281-2529-de1
  4. Havaianas are inspired by Japanese sandals.eJ-700x420
  5. The most expensive shoes ever sold for $660,000.
  6. Jimmy Choo constructed his first pair of shoes at age 11.JimmyChoo_1601596a
  7. Your salary might determine the type of shoes you wear to work.1

There is more to these facts and figures.Stay tuned for more fascinating facts 😀

What’s it like to live in Gandhinagar, Gujarat

I was not just lucky once but twice. Born and brought up in Dehradun, Uttrakhand (Nothing less than Heaven) and now in Gandhinagar was moreover being lucky. The capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is built on the step stones of “The City Beautiful” named Chandigarh. It’s been planned under Mewada, and Apte who worked as trainees under legendary architect Le Corbusier.

It is the greenest city in Asia with 54% forest cover of its area. Gandhinagar’s streets are numbered, and have cross streets named for letters of the Gujarati alphabet (e.g., “k”, “kh”, “g”, “gh”, “ch”, “chh”, “j”). Thirty sectors, into which the city has been divided, stretch around the central Government complex. The city has gardens in every sector where people can spend uninterrupted time with their family.childrens-park-gandhinagar

There are mini parks located at each intersection as well.


Deer Park (Indroda Park) is a large area containing various sections such as a Jurassic Park theme, deer park, snake park, birds park etc. Deer Park is also known as GEER Foundation Park or Indroda Park as it is located in a village named Indroda. It contains Dinosaurs Park where huge statues of different Dinosaurs are kept with a detailed explanation.634958361622052667_179

If you talk about its infrastructure, its roads are nothing less than a highway.3 roadways The sector roads look like Highways. Every road is connected with a pedestrian lane so it’s kind of safe too.

There are plenty of temples in each sector. There is Akshardham ,Hanuman temples ,Gandhimandir etc. Built with pink sandstone from Rajasthan, Akshardham is a tribute to Swaminarayan and his life- teachings.Ak1 akshardham-1024x682

It also displays the Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show at evening hours.image2

Gandhinagar is not like other state capitals. It is less polluted than most of them. Secondly being a dry state, it is much safe. Women can safely stroll in the streets at night.

Gandhinagar is also the city of Mahatma Mandir ,a convention cum exhibition centre and a memorial located at sector 13, GandhinagarGujaratIndia. It is inspired from life and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.All the business meets like Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summit 2011 and 2013 were organised here.3_1_banner02 Mahatma-Mandir-2_03 v3

And lastly its people ,not just Gandhinagar it’s the whole Gujarat Account. The Gujarati people are one of the best I came across. Total foodie, least violent and crazy about Garba (Gujarat’s Traditional Dance) people.

The Gujarati Cuisine is also one of the most interesting thing to talk about. In Summers,  Keri no Ras (fresh mango pulp) is often an integral part of the meal.Their thick rotis (called Bhakri’s) is a common food during winters. Plus there is always some farsan -additional dish that complements the main meal. They refer their daily meals as  Dal-BhatRotli-Saak .There are so many delicious Gujarati recipes as well (we will talk about this in later blogs ).As for Gandhinagar try out Club Sandwitches at Pathikashram Cafe. Gujarati_Bhakri_Recipe-1 gujrati-food-thali

The biggest celebration here is Navratri where people across the country worship the different avatars of Goddess Durga for nine days. But here in Gujarat it’s a circle of ecstasy which throbs non-stop for nine nights with millions of fantastically costumed devotees swaying in a fusion of dance and devotion.gcf-gandhinagar-1-660x330 night

Secondly its Uttarayan(The Kite Festival) .The Kite Festival signify Gujarat’s ‘Cultural Strength’ and like the kites, Gujarat soars high to touch the skies to be the ‘best in the world.’ The symbolism of this festival is to show the awakening of the Gods from their deep sleep.52 Happy Uttarayan

Gandhinagar also hosts IT building like TATA Consultancy Services. garimapark-161113-inner4 TATA_6547367-750x500TCS has set up IT SEZ called Garima park near GH 0.Smart city like GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City

)City is also being built.

Each sector is also located with a shopping market. Infocity is an IT Park as well as the market place and residence area.INFOCITY1

Here is a sneak peak of Gandhinagar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgDk8FkdbIE

Gandhinagar is one of the best places to live.It prompts you with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s Gujarat Tourism advertisement :” Kuch din to gujaro Gujarat mein”.

Note: Please help me add more aspects to the Gandhinagar blog if i missed any.Suggestions and feedbacks will be appreciated.

My First International : “The Thailand”

The tour started way back in 2013 when I started dreaming about my first International trip, which was actually going to commence from 17th July 2014. So here I am, reliving the trip.

Day 1: 17th July 2014.

The day started out in a rush as we were to start our journey from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport Ahmedabad. My parents had to travelled a long way From Baroda to Ahmedabad. In mist of the rush we were informed that our flight got cancelled and we have been shifted to a later one. Tensed as we were because of our connecting flight from Mumbai on the very same day. People say when you do/wish everything from your heart, the universe conspire and be with you. Our flights were Air India only hence they helped us out with our luggage and immigration at Ahmedabad Airport only. Adding to the charm, We were blessed with water showers as soon as we reached the airport. In all it started on a good note 🙂

Day 2: 18th July 2014

At 2 am we had our connecting flight from Mumbai to Suvarnabhumi Airport and then at around 7 am we stepped out into an unknown land for the very first time. We got our Visa on Arrival through  a fast track procedure which cost around 1200  Thai baht.

We met my brother soon after (He travelled from Australia). Having yummy Ice teas along the way , we stepped towards Don Mueang International Airport to start our trip with Krabi (which is a town on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River where it empties in Phang Nga Bay).To its delight we had some mouthwatering corn pie and hash browns at Mc Donald’s outlet at airport.


P.S. Don’t ever miss this if you have the pleasure to taste this.

Reaching Krabi, we straight checked in to Aquamarine Resort.( For more information please visit http://www.krabiaquamarineresort.com/)


3  We had our first touch of Thailand food here at Krabi. Presenting :Thai pad noodles and Green Curry.


The next thing we did was we went to Ao nang for our foot massages 😀

Following that we went to Krabi walking street night market. We got so much variety of food , drinks , clothes etc .Have a sneak peak:



The best part of the whole travelling  was its mode “TUK TUK “.


Day 3 :19th July 2014. 

The best part of the whole stay was its breakfast. We got so amazing breakfasts everywhere we went. Starting with aquamarine resort, we got finger licking snacks (Non – Veg) , Croissant bread,Juices , Fruits, Tea , Coffee,Scrambled eggs,cupcakes etc.After having such an amazing breakfast we headed towards Phra Nang beach clicking pictures all the way through.


Story behind Phra nang beach

There is the famous “Princess Cave” or Tham Phra Nang Nok in Phra Nang beach.

It is believed by local fishermen to be the home of a mythical sea princess.

Recently, an inner Princess Cave or Tham Phra Nang Nai was discovered.

There are no new resorts development on Phra Nang beach.

The reason is because Phra nang beach is restricted by its topography and the presence of the Rayavadee Resort.


This makes Phra nang beach private and secluded from the outside world.

Due to its secular nature, Phra nang beach leaves you a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness.


After having fun at Phra Naug we had our lunch of Thai Mango Sticky Rice.They were delicious too.


We went back to our resort and just plunged into the swimming pool.

Later at night we went to a different market and had such an amazing fruits 😀 . We had a different kind of Guavas. Different fruits and vegetables.

151722 18 19 20 21 22

We came home with cakes . Yes,for my birthday . the D birthday 😀 . My first international Birthday .LOL.


Day 4 th : 20th July 2014

Yes it was my Birthday 😀 . A birthday with Family 😀


The first thing we did was to catch a flight to Bangkok and check in to our next stay . Prince Hotel Bangkok . (Officially here : http://www.princepalace.co.th/ )

See through our lenses: D

3425 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

We went for Bangkok Hunt after dropping our baggages there 😀

35 36

We had our massages again and tried Tom Yum soup. Delicious it was.4388962635_26fb6806f2

With plenty of phone calls and msgs we ended our day,my birth day.

Day 5th 21st July 2014:

We had our delicious breakfast yet again and checked in again at our next stay (My brother’s Idea was to check out maximum stuff in days )

Next Stay :Pantip Suites

Best thing about the traveling was the Taxi’s colour . They were so pop that you get positive energy from them 😉 See it through yourself.

37 38

After this we went to Madam Tussads. See our way through :

43 44

And Now @ Madam Tussad

45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58

We clicked so much and had so much fun there . Next visit : Siam Ocean World

There was a school trip there.These kids were too cute .

59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67

Day 6 22nd July 2014:

We started our day with Wat Pho Temple after having the deliciously and our favourite never to be missed breakfast.

Wat Pho also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, its official name is Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan.We went through river boats which were kind of scary but the temple site was enough to let that scare go away.

68 69 70 71 72

Alas Wat Pho marked the end of Thailand for us (for this specific trip). We went to suvarnabhumi and then back to pavilion and yeah work too 😦

To teach one you have to be one :) Summer Camp 2.0

Last week was quite different from rest of the days. Our Organization a.k.a. Tata Consultancy Services hosted a summer camp for underprivileged students at 4 different schools. Started from 27th April this year was an ecstatic experience where we need to involve students for various activities like Drama, Essay writing, Drawing, Singing, Collage, Quiz, Debate, Elocution, Poem Recitation and Dance.

For the love of writing, I choose to be a part of Essay writing.

Day 1 started with all the introductory part of all the events, where every volunteer tried to motivate students to take part in their respective activity. We also tried to make Essay writing sound like an interesting topic. Where there was drama, singing, drawing etc., it’s too difficult to convince students for writing. Still we made an attempt. Have a look on our Introduction part 🙂



IMG_1286 IMG_0761Day 2 started with children finally nominating themselves for their activities. They tried their hand on respective events as well.


Day 3: We were dumbstruck when we got to know that one of the kids wrote an elaborated version of the essay we made them write day before (Without us even telling him.) .Here is his essay:

IMG_1009 IMG_1279

Day 4: Essay writing was the primary activity for the day. We made an interactive session with various presentations and stories. Students were then told to write an essay on any of the following topic: 1)My Favorite Festival 2)My school. We were kind of startled by what we read 🙂

Day 5 was an interschool competition day held at Garima Park, TCS Premises. Shortlisted students were invited to the Office along with their Principal and Teachers. The talent was so amazing that the whole premises turned into a school. The fun was unlimited.

There were various other moments along with our essay writing:

1)Cuteness everywhereIMG_1277

2)Talent IMG_1274

3)Ideas :IMG_1275

4)Team:IMG_1278 IMG_1280

5) Dedication:IMG_1283 IMG_1282

6)And Us 😀 IMG_1273

We developed such a bond with not only students but with various other volunteers. We got to know hidden talents which were lost within the cubicle range. Everyone was kind of impressed with all the creativity and innovative ideas.


1)Have a look with what drama team has to offer them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQU9YtwKPRU&feature=youtu.be

2)When you get to know that your school spoc(Deval Sir) has tagged you in his blog under the tagline “Teaching Students Impressive Creative” writing.


There are so many moments added to our life that its worth keeping forever.We will miss them till we meet them again in the regular Maitree Teaching classes 🙂

P.S. Our School won the running Trophy 😀 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !