To teach one you have to be one :) Summer Camp 2.0

Last week was quite different from rest of the days. Our Organization a.k.a. Tata Consultancy Services hosted a summer camp for underprivileged students at 4 different schools. Started from 27th April this year was an ecstatic experience where we need to involve students for various activities like Drama, Essay writing, Drawing, Singing, Collage, Quiz, Debate, Elocution, Poem Recitation and Dance.

For the love of writing, I choose to be a part of Essay writing.

Day 1 started with all the introductory part of all the events, where every volunteer tried to motivate students to take part in their respective activity. We also tried to make Essay writing sound like an interesting topic. Where there was drama, singing, drawing etc., it’s too difficult to convince students for writing. Still we made an attempt. Have a look on our Introduction part 🙂


IMG_1286 IMG_0761Day 2 started with children finally nominating themselves for their activities. They tried their hand on respective events as well.


Day 3: We were dumbstruck when we got to know that one of the kids wrote an elaborated version of the essay we made them write day before (Without us even telling him.) .Here is his essay:

IMG_1009 IMG_1279

Day 4: Essay writing was the primary activity for the day. We made an interactive session with various presentations and stories. Students were then told to write an essay on any of the following topic: 1)My Favorite Festival 2)My school. We were kind of startled by what we read 🙂

Day 5 was an interschool competition day held at Garima Park, TCS Premises. Shortlisted students were invited to the Office along with their Principal and Teachers. The talent was so amazing that the whole premises turned into a school. The fun was unlimited.

There were various other moments along with our essay writing:

1)Cuteness everywhereIMG_1277

2)Talent IMG_1274

3)Ideas :IMG_1275

4)Team:IMG_1278 IMG_1280

5) Dedication:IMG_1283 IMG_1282

6)And Us 😀 IMG_1273

We developed such a bond with not only students but with various other volunteers. We got to know hidden talents which were lost within the cubicle range. Everyone was kind of impressed with all the creativity and innovative ideas.


1)Have a look with what drama team has to offer them :

2)When you get to know that your school spoc(Deval Sir) has tagged you in his blog under the tagline “Teaching Students Impressive Creative” writing.


There are so many moments added to our life that its worth keeping forever.We will miss them till we meet them again in the regular Maitree Teaching classes 🙂

P.S. Our School won the running Trophy 😀 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !


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