Tug of war between Satisfaction and Happiness

A week ago, we friends were talking about being satisfied and being happy at work.Firstly it is not just at work,its everywhere.According to me,Satisfaction as well as happiness go hand in hand in some ,where as, it differs in some genres.For example if you were very hungry and got totally lucky to have been served with delicious food. Tcha. You are happy as well as satisfied .

Customer satisfaction survey on a sky background

I would say you can be happy if you are satisfied but you cannot always be satisfied when you are happy.For example a poor man can be happy despite his needs are not fulfilled.Happiness is an emotion.It is a state of bliss. Satisfaction is state of no more wanting/content.It is sufficient and adequate.

Here is what I read when I was case studying this:Suppose at the age of 22 , you ask me about how satisfied I am with my life? I may answer that I am done with my school and college life but there is more to what I seek. I want a job,get married etc. Hence there is more to my satisfaction.If you ask me the same question a day before,I may reply the same.I still have more that i want to do.And about being Happy?I certainly am. It is better explained as comparing Satisfaction by asking have you finished your ice cream scoop? where as happiness with how your ice cream tasted.But there is no boundaries on how delicious the ice cream can be.


Some people say don’t be satisfied where you are instead be happy where ever you are.I will add you can never be satisfied where you are but you can certainly be happy.Happiness has the amazing charm to be self acquired.Happiness can be generated through Gratitude and doing something good for others as well yourself.

Happiness is something to maintain and enjoy whereas Satisfaction is something to strive for.We can certainly be happy in the moment and expect more to come 🙂happiness-is

I would suggest you to think about it and define your own rate of happiness and Satisfaction.But whatever the outcome might be,don’t forget to smile/laugh,you can instantly generate happiness(and can think of the satisfaction later 😉 )awesome-cute-happiness-love-Favim.com-642466



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