The first time the man sees the woman he will marry

It’s all about the time when a man knows he has found his soul mate. Point is how does a man get to know she is the one? Some men still believes in Bollywood style and assume there will be violins all around(Trust me I have heard this from a guy) ,some believe in the first arranged meet  and some of them are the secret admirers believing the moment will be when they can finally express their love to each other.

Men or women both have different relationship goals in their twenties and thereafter.  Most men in their twenties are the one “who doesn’t know what he wants yet” .They look for an exciting relationship, sexual attraction and the woman they can flaunt about. But later most of them realizes and settle for the understanding, sensitiveness, stability and independent mate for life.

Same goes for some women too. Here are some excerpts from the movie “He is not that into you” which explains a guy prospective too well. Check out the pictures:

tumblr_ledmeg0gys1qeee4lo1_500 tumblr_m85cpeQj9Y1qf2oxbo1_500 tumblr_m87lwgzxAO1qdmud9o1_500

Talking about title, let’s assume you (the reader) are all set for your first marriage date. The anxiety to finally meet the one after drooling at all the girls around you is overwhelming. Amid the clothes you wore and the place you both meet at, you managed to make the first move.

[Note for women: No first move. He wants to decide how to woo you. Be a lady and let him 😀 ]

[Note to men: Hope you never have to say this to yourself. “Damn, I wish I had the cojones to ask her out”]

If after all the talks you leave with a little magic in you, congratulations. You are hooked for life 😀

There is a lot of difference when it comes to the first time man sees the woman and when he sees her as the one he wants to marry/will marries. Marriage gives an assurance of safety and security.

Today, as per my awareness when a man sees his woman he expects her to be :

  • Self-developed, Intelligent, articulate and open minded.
  • Man would rather feel unloved than disrespected. Respect him and he is there holding your baby with you 😀
  • Men care about their wife’s appearance.
  • They want their woman to know how much they love them.

No matter whenever you might meet your “The one”,be true to yourself and to the other side too. There is always a right place and the right time where the right man will find you or you will find him.


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