Maggi: A banned Love !

Me: Hey,What a dull day! I don’t feel like cooking.

Friend: Don’t worry, we will eat something outside.

Me:Not enough money left yaar.It will cost much 😦

Friend:We can opt for 2 minutes Maggi Noodles.Good to taste and cheap too.What say?

Me:Yeah.Yeah.Lets take it and have a delicious yummy dinner.

These were the random talks which were common those days, specially for people living away from home.But as its said “Everything comes with an expiry date”,our chats on maggi had an end too.After being banned for containing too much of MSG,(Monosodium Glutamate),the taste enhancer and lead amount seven times the allowed content turns out to be harmful for us.”The two-minute death of India’s favourite noodle brand,” reads the headline on one the Firstpost news website.

Though being banned across the country,Nestle Global CEO Paul Bulcke reiterate its statement that Maggi is safe for consumption and has followed all the food safety regulations.Many celebrities have been targeted for endorsing the harmful product.Twitter outraged celebrities probes:


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and the Internet has amplified people’s reaction to the product.

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How is celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan,Preity Zinta,Maduri Dixit liable for the product which is legally allowed to manufacture and sell.If they are endorsing the product,its their duty to set the primary research on the product as well as on the company.But a person cannot go beyond a certain level.If the product is legally allowed to do its sale,how can a person endorsing it be penalized?

Already knowing the fact,for how many days can you assume the ban on Maggi will continue?Here in India where there are midday lunch mishaps,people licking for street foods near garbage dumps or served without gloves on,where coca cola was found as a pesticide contaminator,how much can you assume people will take care of food policies?

Not only in India ,different countries have also been associated with food poisoning scandals.North Korea and Bolivia had banned Mc Donalds.In Taiwan, a massive scandal was unearthed in 2014, in which cooking oil and dried Tofu were found to be deliberately adulterated to boost profits.Beef-burgers were reportedly contaminated by pork and horse meat in the UK.

Secondly,one of the main important question associated with it is how lead made its way in Maggi when the metal has no role in Maggi’s manufacturing.People assume its the water that contains lead because as per 2013 report in Deccan Chronicle stating that the drinking water in Bangalore has been contaminated by this metal, along with others.Lead reaches towards the water through unscientific dumping . CGvY2xqU8AA3o2_

Its lead today,some other metal tomorrow.Its Maggi today,something else tomorrow?

When our air, soil and water sources are dirty, harmful substances will certainly make their way to our food and we will be helpless.

On this Environment Day,I request everyone reading this blog to take your safety in your hands.

Be Healthy,Stay Healthy.


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