A state called “Nothingness”

When nothing is the only word stuck in our mind,

When it’s the only feeling that resides inside your being,

When all the surroundings are up still,

And you are well aware of a state called Nothingness.

Sitting near the window sill,

Head resting on the elbow,

I wonder is this night still or shouting deliberately to be heard?

I wonder how beautiful will it be if ever the stars fall and make our land glittery.

Amid all the serene images, a cold breeze just strikes my face and brings me back to reality.

Bringing me back to Nothingness,

A stage where thoughts jump into black hole,

How wonderful the stage is,

No judgments, no discriminations, no bad or no good,

All in one place, One Soul 🙂

Where the only thing still is your thoughts,

Where the whole mess is in your brain,

I hope the night to take away all the glitches,

To the rising sun,

And urge him to set the rays so strong that it touches the soul

Waking us up to a bright new day.




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