Nature’s gift to her

Under the blossoming tree,

Multi-color petunia encircling her,

Like a protective color sheet ensnaring the silence within,

A little innocent face sat there, smiling at the flowers,

Holding a book with a pleasant thought,

And sing all along,

‘All the lovely flowers hear out to me all through life,

Be with me when I feel lonely,

Be with me when people deceive me,

Be with me when my friends don’t talk to me,

Be with me when I want to escape on to a new world,

Be with me when tensions hurl me up,

Be with me when heavy winds scare you away,

Be with me when everyone refuses to be.’

Amid this lovely tune,

From behind the bushes a canary humming along the pace,

Forming a musical melody,

With Nature notwithstanding the temptation anymore started murmuring her sound,

Sun rolling up her shine and the song strong,

The flowers twirling along the wind,

Filling the surrounding with its fragrance,

She thank the nature once again,

And let her heart flow with the words that came along,

‘Under the tree, I sit and thank,

You, me and us

To stay in this moment forever. ’ 🙂


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