A Forgotten Love.

A feeling so immense,

Ready to be your soul partner,

Refuse to go away.

One fine morning, the feeling woke up and asked me, ’Why are you giving me so much pain? What is this agony about when I am the one who keeps you happy in mist of all the other feelings? You should reciprocate the same to me. Saying all this, a tiny tear rolled down feeling’s face.

A golden crystal,

So pure as reflecting the world within,

Rest on my lap.

I stone heartedly starred at feeling and thought how deeply she is connected to me.


Feeling baffled,

And constantly irked my brain,

To come up with a solution to make her feel good.

The brain, a part of me,

Seems to be already overcrowded with all the thoughts,

Requesting all of them to be in sync with each other.

Alas, Feelings not able to make her presence as well as importance felt at brain, disheartened.

Though she still believes that I will listen to her,

She sat in front of me with frown eyebrows and rolling lips,

Looking around with all hope.

Her eyes met mine,

As if pleading me to move on,

For she hopes she will be my soul loving partner,

Promising me to stay connected.


She hold my hand and with all the calmness,

Whispered to me,

‘Never despair’.

Looking onto her,

I knew I may doubt myself but I mean world to her.



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