Fiction K01 :The day she decided to be Sonam Kapoor

Long gone were the days when Rashi used to attend her Lower Kindergarten and upper kindergarten classes. Those were the days when she would rush back to her mother’s arms and plead to make her wear that long kurtas which the other big girls at school wear.


Every time her mother would tell her, “Baby you have to wait till you reach first standard”. She would make all those kurtas for her as much as she pleases then. Delighted to hear this, she makes reaching standard first her only aim in the world.

Her School routine continued of watching those girls at the playground during her recess timings. She was awed by the idea of how amazing the Kurtas flaunt their bodies, the dupatta roll down their neck, the different hairstyles these girls have. She observes them move, talk and how they act. She always believed that when she reaches class first, she will become the most beautiful girl everyone heard about.

Days went by and then finally the day arrived; her first day in first standard.

Day before she prepared well about everything. She discarded all her full length trousers which were mandatory in LKG & UKG. She told her mother to give it away to small children. She feels she has grown up now.

Wearing the new blue kurta she attended her first class. She made sure her hair was uptight; her bag was neat ,and her style smart.

Her mother was amazed by her daughter’s narcissist image at this early age.

She seated herself well in the class and kept her bag on the seat next to the desk, then adjusted her clothes so as to feel perfect and not to spoil the first day.

The teacher came in and the first day started with an introductory session. The teacher was elated to see the students.

She asked everybody their name and what they wanted to become.

The children started one by one.

“My name is Antara. I want to become a teacher.”

“My name is Ashish.I will become an Engineer.”

And soon the class was full of Engineers, teachers, doctors, dancers etc.

But Rashi was numb. She always wanted to become a lady who wears a kurta, ties up her hair properly, and flaunts her body just like the rest of the big girls in school.

She was living the life she aimed; a girl in 1st Standard was her only aim.She was disheartened as she thought her first day will go absolutely how she planned it to be.

As soon as the teacher was done with the names of half the students, one of the students counter questioned the teacher asking what her name was.

She replied “Her name is Milli Verma and she always wanted to be a teacher”.

As soon as Rashi heard this, her mind retracted to the movie she saw last night. She started recalling the name but couldn’t remember it.

And then there came her turn, “what’s your name little princess? And what do you want to be?” asks Milli.

She fumbled with her words and said “Mam, My name is Rashi Sharma and I want to become Milli.”

The teacher was bewildered. “What does this mean Rashi? You are already Rashi so why Milli?”

Nervous as she was she spoke without less thought.

“Mam, I want to be Milli, the girl I saw last night. She wears amazing clothes, she laughs, she dances and she loves everyone .Milli is so good that she made Vikram smiled too. She healed Shekar Singh Rathore. I want to be her. She wears the blue kurta same as what I am wearing today and roam around the whole Delhi city”, said Rashi innocently.

sonam-kapoor-khoobsurat Sonam-kapoor-Khoobsurat-movie sonamkhubsoorat delhi6

Milli understood that she was referring to Sonam Kapoor in the Movie Khoobsurat. She smiled and asks her why does she want to become Milli?

Rashi says, “Mam, because everybody loves her and she makes everyone laugh. Once I grow up,I want to do the same”.

Milli was exhilarated with her innocence.

She thought how beautifully a small child can attract what everyone is seeking.

Milli knew Rashi’s aim was to become as happy as Sonam Kapoor in the movie Khoobsurat.



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