Dislike Cycle

Where are we heading to? We live in a society not of various people but of various religions.

Where other religions are not content with how Hindu festival like Diwali, Dussera contributes to air pollution or water pollution in Ganga due to mass bathing in khumb melas .Hence, categorizing their values as “suffered degradation”.

Where Jainism has an unusual vegetarian diet of Eggs are bad, but milk is ok. Potatoes and other food from the ground are bad, but there are exceptions depending on the day. Plus you cannot touch their food unless you eat the same vegetarian diet.

And where Muslim’s cruel mass slaughter on the festival leads to bio degradation and protesting for the access water used in the blood wash.
On the contradictory they are not allowed to eat what they like because someone else somewhere is preaching his/her god.

The situation is deteriorating day by day.

Now the state is that eating beef can get you killed.

Latest news on the same reports a 50 year old man was beaten to death in U.P.’s Dadri because he was eating his stored beef. His daughter claims its not beef but mutton in their fridge; now can they bring her father back?

We are living in a society where someone has died because someone else doesn’t like what they eat.

This has taken a step forward in the past few days, not only in Mumbai but Rajasthan was ordered a ban on Fish, Jammu and Kashmir was ordered ban on beef’s sale that too before Eid.


If this is a way to build harmony among the people, I guess it didn’t turn out to be as supposed.

Or having a dispute on the Xmas day being a public holiday in India, though Christians population is 5% or less will make any difference?


Point is till when we will impose our desires on the way others live their life.Whatever past different religion people did or how is other religious people reacting in other country is all their race.It should not be a religion race anymore,it always was and is an individual one.

An amazing example set up by Supreme Court on Santhara or Sallekhana ritual of fast unto death can continue.More such examples need to be set where people should allow to follow their tradition unless you are forcing it on someone.

It is not about religion, but of choices.Follow/Preach what you like without blaming or forcing others on it.




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