Daughter’s Daddy

For the first time she was exhilarated with her sleepless night,

She certainly wanted time to fly,

But take her along the way.

The butterflies tickled in her stomach with the fact that

Tomorrow’s going to be the big day when she could finally meet her daddy.

Yes, that was the wish she made to her dear Santa this Christmas.

Stories after Stories her mother told, of her long lost love,

But away was her love not her daughter’s.

She along with her friends presumed what the first touch would be like,

A smile or a longed fatherly hug, she wondered.

She wished her father to be the gentleman

She always hoped to marry.

She imaged him suited up,

At the corner of her room with presents for her birthday,

And most importantly,

Be the first one to wish “Happy Birthday Princess”.

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She watched the glittering stars,

Stared at fan’s blades,

Listened to the tick tock clock,

Did everything she could to drift this night away.

She held these thoughts till the clock ticked 4 a.m.,

And her eyelashes clashed to a fulfill sleep.

She woke up with a gentle kiss on her cheek,

And a lovely greeting “Happy Birthday Princess”.

With expected jouissance,

She responded with a hug “Thank you Daddy”,

To her single mom.



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