Zen Moment

Drop by Drop it pours outside,

Rattles the tin roof,

In sync with the clock ticks,

And He with his Old Monk,

Lie afloat in the rocking chair,

Stares at the window sill,

Smears with dew.


A sip in and an ease out,

Was what filled the room.

Just in the moment,

Not into his dreadful past,

Or a blurry future,

But in the blank present.

This doesn’t remind him of anyone,

But longs for this peace forever.


He savours the darkness outside,

Not a pinch of thought,


Bucket full of tranquility.


Amid the harmony,

The thunder illuminates the darkness,

And in a split second,

A Heavy rain lashed down.


The trees sploshes with the winds,

The water swirls and chatters,

Watching the fancies of Nature,

He enjoys each moment in their undivided wholesomeness.


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