For She Hopes…

Lying on her back,

As still as death,

Hoping for sleep to knock her door,

And doze her along.

For she wants to drift the focus away,

From the everlasting pain that clenched her body,

To the worldly pleasures,

The focus will enhance the pain, she assumed.


The Pain,

Unknown guest to her,

For she cannot categorize the reason behind,

But continues to lives with it.


To her dismay, Love showed at her door.

For He knew the only reliever she could ever get will be his.

He gave her all the hopes she dreamt of,

All the strengths she longed,

And all the truth she ever kept.

Finally she grinned at the thought of finding something worthwhile.


Within the glimpse of her hope,

Life stuck her.

She illuminated all the paths to

Pain, Sleep and to Love,

But no one came to her rescue.

Dread heartedly,

She laid on her back wondering,

About the nights when Pain was her only companion,

The days where sleep was her immortal being,

The memories Love laid.


Immerse in these shadows,

As still as a statue,

Contented with way these took a part of her,

Up till the time,

Believe” made her way through the door.





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