A Reminder

Long lone walk along the sea shore,

Disturb and unanswered wanders about,

Stops awhile to look at the weary sunset,

Wrangle around with sands and stones,

LIFE wonders her meaning of existence too.


For she is held accountable for all the setbacks,

All the wrapped happiness goes unnoticed,

Whereas all the misfortunes are plunged on to her.

‘How can you change your life? ’This life is not worth’, or

‘What can you do with your life?’ fascinates LIFE.

How everyone in the whole world is trying to manipulate her,

Change her for what she might not want to be.

She began to question the almighty about her purpose?


Soon she got hit by a football,

She turns around to a toddler asking for his football,

SHE blessed by the sight,

And the utter realization that a part of her resides in the toddler too, delights her.


Little steps ahead,

She witnesses a first kiss,

A phone call from an old friend,

And an uncontrollable laughter

She smiles and keeps walking.

Not satisfied with her reaction,

Supreme decides to shower the blessings onto her,

Soon a downpour at the sea shore gazes everyone presence,


Dancing in the airy rainbow, she shouted,

“I love this LIFE”

May be just like people,

LIFE too sometimes needs a reminder.