I can feel its smoothness and presence.

It is as if everything’s at peace.

The air, light and smooth, as it ever have been, socializes all around my room. Her presence makes me smile unconsciously.

I try to regain my senses but a sharp light sun beam in her stealth magic taps my eye. My eye didn’t behave less than what a touch-me-not plant will.


I tuck my head underneath a pillow, a desire effort to run away from its power.

My pillow is not resistant to the chirp the pigeons are making while sitting right next to the window sill. My unconsciousness dreams of a summer morning like this. The bed slipping next to a window ledge where I hear the birds chatter all day especially during dawn and dusk. It symbolizes a fresh and pure start. The window opens a wide view to the surrounded mustard farms. The pretty small yellow petals shines all around, blossoming life. The wind makes them dangle as if aspiring me to dance to their tones.


I grin on this thought. Opening my eyes to a look at the plants on my window edge wagging with the gust of air, spell a magic. These few minutes are not just less than a blessing, I confess this to own self.


In an instant, my phone pops a notification. A good morning text adds the charm to my Sunday Morning.


One thought on “Quietude

  1. Deepika says:

    Beautiful🌸🐝 and so fresh as ur smile.
    Warm🌄and vibrant as shine in ur eyes….
    Loved it… Superb👏😘

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