Kuch aisa pyaar

Rango mein sajne ki khawish thi uski,

Apni hi baarat ka swagat karna tha use,

Rakha tha jis pyaar ko hamesha dil mein,

Aaj aaya tha apne aap dar par muskurate hue uske.


Har rang khila tha uspe,

Maano sari roshni wohi sameti thi.

Phoolon ki sugand mein,

Jhoomti thi mehek pe uski.


Aaaya tha woh bhi seema se durr,

Desh ke prem aur apne moh ko ek saath sametne,

Woh lamha hi kuch ajeeb tha,

Khilta hua sabka mukh tha.


Sapne toh na dekhe the undono ne bade bade,

Par pyaar unka seema par bhi majboot tha,

Muskurate hue dono ne ek  dusre ko saraha,

Shabdo ka afsaana wahi thehr gaya.


Din ke saath saath,

Woh bhi ek dusre mein dhalne lage,

Har lamhe ko mehsoos karne lage.

Bus har khat par

Dhohraya tha yahi kissa

Har Rang se,

sajaya tha khat ka wohi hissa.


Oh Summer! Where have you been?

Look beyond the scorching Sun,

The beaming amber filling the space,

The inviting shade,


The majestic trees echoing their presence,

Blooming flowers and blossoming fruits adds up the zeal.

Amid the confinement,

She grounds for Hope.


No more reluctance to cold winter mornings,

But a little inclination to wellness

Was what she seeks.


To the ambience of air coolers,

To barefoot on green grass,

The stimulating touch of water droplets,

The spacious scent of summer air,

And a delightful liberating aura

Was dearest to her.


The high spirited unworried little beings,

Giggling all around.

The warmth of the atmosphere

And the nature makes her “alive” again.

Deep within,

She hoped for summers to last forever.



Woh rah mein baitha hua ek masiha,

Waakif nahi duniya ki rasmo se,

Sabr hi uska jashn tha,

Nawaazish hi uski saazish.


Fakr tha usko apne junoon pe,

Roj doondta tha khushi uss rah mein.

Kalam tha uska ek lauta jazba,

Alfaaz mein hi andaaz tha uska.


Behek jata tha who apni Mohabbat mein,

Aur tharthara uthta tha uski tauheen pe.

Khwaish toh na thi uski woh,

Par Khayal ussi ka tha.


Ruki thi who rah mein uski,

Thehri thi who ehsaas mein,

Lejana tha saath usse,

Rakhna tha dua mein, Shiddat se usse.

For She Hopes…

Lying on her back,

As still as death,

Hoping for sleep to knock her door,

And doze her along.

For she wants to drift the focus away,

From the everlasting pain that clenched her body,

To the worldly pleasures,

The focus will enhance the pain, she assumed.


The Pain,

Unknown guest to her,

For she cannot categorize the reason behind,

But continues to lives with it.


To her dismay, Love showed at her door.

For He knew the only reliever she could ever get will be his.

He gave her all the hopes she dreamt of,

All the strengths she longed,

And all the truth she ever kept.

Finally she grinned at the thought of finding something worthwhile.


Within the glimpse of her hope,

Life stuck her.

She illuminated all the paths to

Pain, Sleep and to Love,

But no one came to her rescue.

Dread heartedly,

She laid on her back wondering,

About the nights when Pain was her only companion,

The days where sleep was her immortal being,

The memories Love laid.


Immerse in these shadows,

As still as a statue,

Contented with way these took a part of her,

Up till the time,

Believe” made her way through the door.




Heavenly Ride!

Sliding down the curvy road,

She makes a sudden right and then swirls around the way.

Her strangled hair moves the way out to reach her eyes,

But the speed cannot control the enthusiasm within.

This is the first time her mother has allowed to ride the bicycle out of her sight.


She horns at every turn.Waves Rajesh Bhaiya,who visits their place for ironed clothes.The way he hops on to his cycle, and fleet through the way, inspires her.

Heartwarming Rajesh Bhaiya waves her back.

She crosses plenty of automobile,felt sorry at the sight.Down casted with all things they were missing out on.

The breath of fresh air while riding,

Quenching on the foot pedals,

The way she can feel her freedom,

And the joy of not jammed inside the cuboid.

She heavy heartedly made way through the traffic, and reach home safe.


Her mother waiting for her prompts up asking about her trip. She vigorously tells her all about her joys and other people loss. Her mother jokes if she would ever get a ride on her bike. With a big “Yes”, she attains her Eureka moment!

Amid of all these fanatical talks, her father honks and tell them to hurry up otherwise they will miss the train to their homeland. They plunk the luggage in the car. Her mommy turns around to confirm asks her, “Sab rakh liya na?kuch reh toh nahi gaya ?” (Kept everything? Is anything left?)

With sobbing eyes, she replied, “Yes mommy, Everything but FREEDOM!”



Zen Moment

Drop by Drop it pours outside,

Rattles the tin roof,

In sync with the clock ticks,

And He with his Old Monk,

Lie afloat in the rocking chair,

Stares at the window sill,

Smears with dew.


A sip in and an ease out,

Was what filled the room.

Just in the moment,

Not into his dreadful past,

Or a blurry future,

But in the blank present.

This doesn’t remind him of anyone,

But longs for this peace forever.


He savours the darkness outside,

Not a pinch of thought,


Bucket full of tranquility.


Amid the harmony,

The thunder illuminates the darkness,

And in a split second,

A Heavy rain lashed down.


The trees sploshes with the winds,

The water swirls and chatters,

Watching the fancies of Nature,

He enjoys each moment in their undivided wholesomeness.

Daughter’s Daddy

For the first time she was exhilarated with her sleepless night,

She certainly wanted time to fly,

But take her along the way.

The butterflies tickled in her stomach with the fact that

Tomorrow’s going to be the big day when she could finally meet her daddy.

Yes, that was the wish she made to her dear Santa this Christmas.

Stories after Stories her mother told, of her long lost love,

But away was her love not her daughter’s.

She along with her friends presumed what the first touch would be like,

A smile or a longed fatherly hug, she wondered.

She wished her father to be the gentleman

She always hoped to marry.

She imaged him suited up,

At the corner of her room with presents for her birthday,

And most importantly,

Be the first one to wish “Happy Birthday Princess”.

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She watched the glittering stars,

Stared at fan’s blades,

Listened to the tick tock clock,

Did everything she could to drift this night away.

She held these thoughts till the clock ticked 4 a.m.,

And her eyelashes clashed to a fulfill sleep.

She woke up with a gentle kiss on her cheek,

And a lovely greeting “Happy Birthday Princess”.

With expected jouissance,

She responded with a hug “Thank you Daddy”,

To her single mom.